European Research Group for Oral Biology

What is ERGOB?

ERGOB was founded in 1969 as a small informal organization with the aim of facilitating scientific exchange amongst researchers in oral biology.


For 49 years ERGOB has regularly invited groups of experts to limited-attendance meetings for in-depth discussions of selected oral biology topics . These meetings offer the opportunity for an open academic debate of current problems and controversies.  In addition to these small meetings, from time to time ERGOB also organizes international symposia, the last one was held in Geneva in April 2016 in honor of Bernhard Guggenheim, a founding member of the ERGOB.

Learn more about ERGOB from Prof. Dr. Andrea Mombelli

Latest ERGOB meeting


In 2018, ERGOB invited a group of reputed experts for two days to discuss the role of clinical trials in the field of precision dentistry. The meeting took place in April in Prangins, Switzerland. We are happy to share highlights of the meeting for everyone interested in oral biology and beyond.

Highlights from the 2018 ERGOB meeting on

Clinical trials in dentistry in the field of precision medicine

Andrea Mombelli on the future of clinical trials for therapy of periodontal disease

What should be the future focus of clinical trials on periodontal therapy?

Panos Papapanou on the importance of proper disease definition and selection of outcomes in periodontal research

What can be improved in clinical periodontal trials?

How environmental factors influence genetically determined susceptibility to periodontal disease?

Frank Scannapieco on lessons from Pneumonia and oral health link studies

What is the link between oral bacteria and general diseases?

Inger Wårdh on the benefits and risks of getting older with teeth and implants in
the mouth

What are the benefits and risks of getting older with teeth and implants in the mouth?

Robert Gray on precision medicine, cystic fibrosis
and dentistry

How precision medicine has helped advance cystic fibrosis treatment?

What is the future of clinical trials in the era of precision medicine?

Koula Asimakopoulou on contributions of behavior change science in
clinical trials

What do we know now about behavior change science in dentistry?

What should be the impact of behavioral science on research in dentistry?

Niek Opdam on new directions and demands for clinical studies in restorative dentistry

What should change in clinical trials in restorative dentistry?

Iain Chapple: Tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are!

What do we know about nutrition and periodontal disease?

Denis Kinane on results of clinical trials applying the principles of precision medicine and the impact on dental education

What have we learned from applying precision medicine to clinical trials?

Why does integrating knowledge from research into dental education matter?


Prof. Dr. Andrea Mombell

University of Geneva


Prof. Dr. Nagihan Bostanci

Karolinska Institutet


Prof. Dr. Denis Kinane

University of Pennsylvania


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